Finger Lakes Trail Adventures.

This year has been a great start to my ultra adventuring on the Finger Lakes Trail system. ( FLT ) From unplanned hiking and camping trips, to trying to run through the night getting ready for my first 100 mile race. It really has been a great start to finding my places within the FLT. So let me share my love of the trail with all of you.

The trail system runs just about the full length West to East of New York starting at the New York border of Pennsylvania and extending into the mountains range of the Catskills. I have covered a majority of upstate NY trail system and what a perfect place to be lost for day or even a few. The trail representing the surrounding area it has been placed at time with crazy pine tree forest, to cascading waterfalls, runs the country sides farms, to lands only found in children’s fairy tale books. The adventure is just waiting for you to take.

Photograph of Watkins Glen by: Peter Stamford

I have only covered a fraction of the 580 miles of the main FLT trail and just two out of six 412 mile branch trails. Each of them having their own characteristics from running the full length of the beautiful gorge at Letchworth State Park or traversing the steep Bristol Hill section. I can only imagine the others branches coming from the power falls of Niagara, and stretching north with the Onondaga trail.

In closing, New York has a beautiful trail system that it just sitting there for you to make lifetime memories on. Suitable for all levels, to the extreme outdoor junkies, to the relaxing stroll thought a water fall filled state park. Whether you live here or are just passing through, do a little research and definitely take some time to make the Finger Lakes Trail part of your adventure. Stay in some of the unique small towns while your in the area. The FLT is one trail system I have truly came to love I believe you will too.

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