A little about me

About me, let’s see… To start I’m a father of five, yes five beautiful and healthy kids. Four girls and one boy. I have been through just about any kids filled crazy experience you could think of. To single parenting, to painted toe nails, and playing kickball in the yard. There’s nothing I can’t think I haven’t been through. I can probably give any advice if needed lol.

Next my love for running. Not just running, trail running, ultra running. This is a passion I have been pursuing for the past four years and each year keeps getting better and better. Each year I push my self to unimaginable limits and seem to come out victorious every time. Ultra running Trail running has taken me to places that you only hear about in children books.img_1119-1

Third would definitely have to be my love for the outdoors. The wilderness, backcountry, mountains summits. The places that make you feel alive. Make you feel free and are places that you close your mind. I love the silence, the smells of the trees, the sounds of the flowing water, and the tranquility of the land. It just brings me to my happy place.img_5498

And finally my since of adventure. I feel as if I enjoy ultra adventures. It make me feel complete knowing I’m living a full life. Meeting some amazing people in the process and learning from them as my life continues to grow. This is me and these will be the adventures of my life.image

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